Mustache Baby and More (Kindergarten-Grade 5) 50 Minutes

          MUSTACHE BABY books 3 and 4 are new releases. Let's celebrate with a school visit! Students will learn how picture books like MUSTACHE BABY are made, and how nonfiction books such as I, FLY: THE BUZZ ABOUT FLIES AND HOW AWESOME THEY ARE, WHO WANTS TO BE A PRINCESS, JUST LIKE US! ANTS,  and JUST LIKE US! BIRDS are written. Students will also brainstorm fiction story ideas that are based on real life. They'll also be encouraged to put their hearts into their writing through the hard work of revising. Finally, we'll read MUSTACHE BABY, adding mustache-stic sound effects! Students will leave inspired to read and write - both fiction and non-fiction!

Stegothesaurus and the Art of Seeing Your Life as a Story (Grades 2-5) 

          When I started writing picture books, I began to see my own life as a story. In stories, characters face challenges and setbacks, but they persevere and learn from it all. In this presentation, students will think of their own lives as stories. No matter how tough things get, they are the heroes of their own stories. Students will learn how to create a variety of stories based on real life experiences. Through it all, they will learn about the writing process, and get excited about reading and writing.   

Animals: Just Like Us! (Grades 1-8) 50 Minutes

          Did you know that ants farm? Or that birds decorate their homes? Even plants, in their way, do strangely human things, such as wearing disguises and engaging in warfare. In this presentation, based on Bridget's ANIMALS: JUST LIKE US! series, students will learn about amazing-and sometimes hilarious-animal adaptations. They'll also learn about nonfiction writing in general-from finding reliable sources to organizing the story and telling it compellingly. Kids will get excited about writing informative texts of their own!

Blood, Bullets, and Bones (Grades 5-12)  50 Minutes

          CSI and other mystery shows have brought forensic science to the forefront of teens' imaginations. But did you know that forensic science actually dates back to Ancient China? Or that the first modern-day forensic scientist was the fictional Sherlock Holmes? Would you believe that in 1922 in New York, poison killed more people than gunshot wounds, stabbings, and car accidents combined, a scourge that was finally brought to an end by the newly formed New York Medical Examiner's Office? In this presentation, students will learn about the research and writing that went into Bridget's new book BLOOD, BULLETS, AND BONES: THE STORY OF FORENSIC SCIENCE FROM SHERLOCK HOLMES TO DNA

Story Time (Preschool-Kindergarten) 20 Minutes

          When time allows, I can visit with your youngest students for no extra charge. I'll sit with them and talk about how a book is made, while reading a few of my stories. They can also ask questions.

Writer's Workshops (Grades 3-12)

          I'm happy to work with you to develop a writer's workshop that meets your school's needs. See below for ideas.
Writer's Workshop: Blood, Bullets, and Bones (Grades 5-12)

Using crimes, clues, locations, and time periods from BLOOD, BULLETS, AND BONES, writers will come up with their own ideas for murder mystery novels. They'll write a synopsis and create the book cover. If time allows, they will write the first chapter. This can also be done as a Skype visit.

Writers Workshop: YA Novel (Grades 5-12)  

Writers will choose a prompt from a variety of genres, and then go through the process of character examination, world building (even if it is a realistic world,) and choosing a starting point.

For multiple sessions, they can also write a draft of the first chapter, peer review, revise the chapter, and then "publish" it with an artistic cover and informative summary. This workshop gives students the chance to write in a medium that is familiar, relatable, and fun. I've had students walk away from the workshop determined to finish the novel over the Summer!