Bridget Heos Author Visits

In Person or Virtual, Fiction or Nonfiction, Let's Plan a Fan-stache-stic Day!

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     learn how a picture book is made from idea to publication, with an emphasis on the tried and true writing process that students learn in school. Focus is on fiction with a little nonfiction.


     how long does it take to write a book? A lifetime! All the things that happen in your life--good and bad--are part of your story. You are the hero in that story. You can also use life events and what you learned from them to write a story!

ANIMALS: JUST LIKE US (grades 3-5)

     learn how a nonfiction book is made, from research to publication, with a focus on cool animal facts.

BLOOD, BULLETS, AND BONES (grades 6 and up)

     learn how a nonfiction book is made, with a focus on real-life murder mysteries!

     This can also be presented as a writer's workshop. Develop an idea, summary, outline, map, and even cover art--everything you need to start writing your own murder mystery!  


     a Q&A for teachers about research, writing, and publishing + tips if they are interested in writing themselves 

     or a behind-the-scenes look at the children's book process and business

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          A full day typically includes 4 presentations and time for signing books. You may also add any other activities that fit into the school day, such as breakfast or lunch with students, story time for preschoolers, classroom visits to see student writing projects, a book signing party, or whatever will add to the students' experience!

          A half day must be booked for either morning or afternoon. It includes two presentations.

          For description of in person presentations, click here!  

Within 2 hours of Kansas City:

$1,400 for a full day (4 presentations plus) 

$700 for a half day (2 presentations)

No travel fees.

More than 2 hours from Kansas City:

$1,800 for a full day, plus travel fees. Up to 4 schools may share the day. 

For more information, please contact me at 


$400 for each 35-minute presentation or $1200 full day unlimited

Buying Books

          Many schools allow students and teachers to preorder books, which I then sign on the day of the visit. Book orders can be handled through a local bookstore or Barnes & Noble. I'm happy to provide an order form for you and help with the process of book orders. Students are also welcome to bring books from home to be signed.


Library Visits, Literacy Nights, and Writer's Workshops 

Pricing: $550 for one hour, or $750 for two hours

Out-of-town visits can be booked in conjunction with school visits in your town.

For more information, please contact me at 

Hope to see you soon!