Fast Facts:

Bridget Heos lives in Kansas.

She has three sons and one daughter. They have a dog named Snoopy and a cat named Bonnie Bow.

Most of the events in Mustache Baby happened in real life when her sons were toddlers. (Her daughter was born after the first book was written.)

Her favorite food is chips and guacamole.

Her hobby is power yoga.

She has written more than 100 children’s books! About 95 percent of her books are nonfiction. 

She has been writing children's books for 13 years.

Before writing Mustache Baby, she read the 100 picture books on this list:

She has always loved to write. Her first editor was her great grandmother. She would send back Bridget’s letters, corrected in red ink.

Did you know?

A story like Mustache Baby goes through 20, 30, or even 100 drafts before it becomes a book!


Bridget Heos grew up in a family that told lots of stories. Her family also supported her creative endeavors. For instance, her parents let her put on big plays in their backyard, which was her first paid writing job.

Fast forwarding to adulthood, Bridget became a social worker and teacher, but soon transitioned into freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and businesses. Finally, her son’s love of nonfiction books, particularly ones about turtles, led to her dream job. She wondered, “Who writes all these turtle books?” A little research revealed that it was ordinary writers like her.

Through a children’s writing group, Bridget connected with an editor seeking writers for hire. Her first assignment was to write a middle grade biography of the rapper Jay-Z. Since then, she has written around 100 nonfiction books for children, mostly about science.

For a long time, Bridget couldn't think of ideas for a fiction book. She thought ideas floated by like clouds in a sky. Then one Summer she read 100 well-loved picture books. She started thinking about stories based on real life. That Fall, she got the idea for Mustache Baby. She has since written a handful of picture books, and still writes nonfiction.

She lives with her husband, three sons, one daughter, a basset hound, and a cat in a Kansas.