Author Bridget Heos

          Bridget Heos (pronounced HEE ose) is the author of more than 120 children's books, including the children's choice award-winning MUSTACHE BABY series, STEGOTHESAURUS, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE LAMB, FAIRY'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, QUEEN DOG, and many, many nonfiction books. She visits schools around the country to get kids excited about reading and writing fiction and nonfiction. From 2018-2020, she'll visit more than 200 schools! 

They're Back, Baby

          ARRR, MUSTACHE BABY! and A MUSTACHE BABY CHRISTMAS are out now. They are available in many stores and through IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. 

          Book a virtual author visit for 2020-21! Check out the School Visits page for available presentations and prices.

          For more updates, please follow Bridget on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


          STEGOTHESAURUS loves synonyms! But your students may be skeptical. Why do they need synonyms? Isn't one word enough? On this poster, STEGOTHESAURUS shows how synonyms can be used to be more specific, avoid repetition, create rhymes, and more. Teachers will love, cherish, and adore it!

          And it's FREE! Download it right here!

ANIMALS: JUST LIKE US! Now in Paperback!

          The entire series is now available in paperback. CROCS: JUST LIKE US: in paperback! FISH: JUST LIKE US: paperback. PLANTS, BIRDS, and ANTS: in paperback. What about CATS? They're in paperback, too! Roarrr! 

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