Bridget now does Skype visits for all ages! Here’s how to set one up:

  1. Read one, two, or three of Bridget’s books with your students.
  2. Email to set up a time 9am-2pm, Monday-Thursday. The visits can be 30-45 minutes long.
  3. Let her know which book or books you read, so that she can tailor the presentation to those books. She will discuss the writing process, including research, writing, and revising, and how books are made. Then she will answer questions.
  4. Your class can guess which “hat” Bridget is wearing that day: Her researcher’s hat, writing hat, or revising hat! (Yes, these are actual hats.) She will show you whatever top-secret book she is researching, writing, or revising that day.
  5. A day or more before, do a quick test with Bridget to make sure all systems are working.
  6. Skype visits cost $100 via PayPal or check. Payment is due by the day of the visit. For multiple Skype visits in one week, each additional visit is $50.